Who We Are

Founded in 2007, our company opened its first upmarket eyebrow studio providing semi-permanent make up services to Thailand’s most discerning and high profile clientele. Within a few years, Leanne’s has become the most prestigious and recognized brand in the beauty industry. Recently, wearVitamin has been diversifying its business interests in the hair care and health products sector as the global consumer demand is strong for these two product categories.  


Hence, the brand 4MEGA was born.  4MEGA hair serum is truly unique as it is the only hair serum in the world that is formulated using omega oil from the fat of a crocodile combined with selected herbs, plants and fruit to produce one of the most potent and effective hair and scalp treatment serum in the market.  


As for our beauty product line, we are the exclusive importer of Vida Glow collagen from Australia.  Unlike most marine collagen in the market, Vida Glow is one of the most unique collagen made from the scales of the deep red sea snapper from Australia.   The benefits of using fish scales instead of fish skin is due to its high amino acid and the high protein contents. Moreover, fish scale does not leave a strong fish taste and odor  and it is highly bioavailable and easy to drink.


Today, wearVitamin’s success is owed to our team of dedicated employees for their continuous efforts and hard work ethics.   In addition, wearVitamin is focusing on research and development and is fully committed to offer the highest quality of products, service and value to our customers.